TikTok Strategy and Creative

Kate Spade

Kate Spade had established themselves as an iconic brand on Instagram with a full-fledged social presence and were ready to move to a new platform; a notoriously difficult task for fashion brands.

With a strong desire to unlock a younger generation of consumers whose internet consumption skewed away from the curated content of previous platforms, Kate Spade needed to become TikTok experts.

We built a community-first strategy that grounded our ideation within the moments and interests of our audience, letting the brand naturally shine through.

Our approach to content is a balance between what’s trending and what the unique brand point of view is. This allows us to catch the attention of younger audiences who may be new to the brand, introduce ourselves in the most platform-native way, and not alienate our core fans.

Through an initial 6 month scope that has since expanded into a multi-year partnership, our team demonstrated expertise in cutting through the noise and break through to new audiences via hundreds of agency-produced videos. 

Our success on TikTok has fundamentally shifted how the brand approaches social creative. From pixel perfect to authentic and chaotic, we’ve partnered closely to evolve the brands voice to reach new consumers.