Many great brands are built on feel – a sixth sense held by just a handful of folks in the company. But what happens when your brand grows?

Relying on retired founders and a small circle of their friends for temp checks across a rapidly expanding business... simply isn’t a method that scales with growth. This was the very situation that YETI faced in 2019.

We scaled YETI’s soul.

Our job as partners to YETI was to articulate the intangible, inexplicable YETI-ness of YETI, effectively deploy this philosophy to hundreds to employees across functions, and continue creatively nurturing the brand as it grows from its core – without breaking from its deepest roots.

Our strategy team codified the YETI brand; what once sat in the minds of a few select folks, now lived in a format that could train up hundreds.

The framework we built doubled as the brief for YETI Presents, a creative campaign on YETI’s most innovative product set to date, which we conceptualized and produced. When other outdoor brands spoke to competition, we positioned YETI as the outdoor brand that stands for finding meaning and joy in the journey.

In five months, we launched the first national product campaign in YETI’s history featuring two of the brand’s ambassadors and the relatable side of their lives, with products organically integrated.