Z8 Fury


Z by HP built the world’s most powerful desktop computer: the Z8 Fury. Our task was to launch the new Z8 Fury workstation with a piece of content as powerful as the machine itself.

We created a death-defying spot that forced the Z8 Fury to prove its processing power in order to save its own life.

So we threw it out of a plane. Before the parachute could deploy and land the desk safely, the Z8 Fury had to render a complex VFX scene — one that would normally take about 5 minutes — in 30 seconds or less. And it did.

We enlisted the help of Tim Kafka, Head of Creative Operations at The Mill LA, to create a complex simulation of the landscape around the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California, where we filmed.

The spot featured Tim on the ground and our stunt operator manning the Z8 Fury, which was bolted to a desk that free falls through the air.

Suspense mounts as the team works together to complete the render in record time — triggering the parachute deployment and a safe, successful landing. The work made for incredible footage that we used to tease the launch ahead of Z by HP’s debut of the all-new Z8 Fury.

Due to the recent nature of this project (executed in summer 2023), business results are still being gathered.